Final Fantasy XIII Review

Final Fantasy XIII Review

The most beautiful Final Fantasy game yet is an imperfect but still impressive saga that will touch your heart.

Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective – A Game Fighting Fate Against Itself

Ok, well, yeah this video is really long. It wasn’t always! I just ended up having a lot to say, or rather, a lot I thought needed to be said. Final Fantasy XIII is definitely on the top of a “Top 10 controversial Final Fantasy Games” list, and I think it’s time to establish two key things. (ALSO since this video is adjective + long, I’m using the YouTube chapter thing for the first time. Give it a try!) Also is it Final Fantasy XIII? Or Final Fantasy 13? Roman numerals? IDK. FF13, lets go with that

The first thing we gotta know is, was FFXIII as bad as everyone says it is? The second, is does Final Fantasy XIII deserve another chance? We’ve come a long way since it’s release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009, we have iPhone’s now! Did we have them back then? I could Google it but I won’t.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Final Fantasy XIII before, well buddy, do I have the video for you (Spoilers: It’s this one). Whatever background you have with the Final Fantasy Series, allow this massive video to be your complete guide through The First Final Fantasy XIII game. Why is Final Fantasy VII Remake in the corner down there? Let’s just say a shadow was being lived in. You’ll see.

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0:00 – Intro
2:32 – What Even Is Final Fantasy XIII?
7:27 – The Datalog Complaint
8:54 – Gameplay
19:32 – Visuals & Music
25:14 – Talkin’ Bout Characters
30:09 – Linearity & Openness
35:14 – A Nightmarish Dev Cycle
38:22 – A Strangely Bad Localization
42:56 – The Final Fantasy VII Connection
52:11 – Story Spoilers

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Обзор игры/мнение – Final Fantasy XIII

Обзор на неоднозначную Final Fantasy XIII (13). В этом обзоре вы увидите и услышите мое мнение по поводу этой игры, и если честно Final Fantasy XIII мне понравилась, хотя эта игра имеет свои недостатки, а вот какие вы собственно и узнаете в этом обзоре.

Добро пожаловать на ‘Канал Nevelesa” здесь вы увидите обзоры на разные игры,а также слепое прохождение различных horror игр и прохождения игр других жанров.Желаю ВАМ приятного время препровождения!
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Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective Review

A retrospective review of the thirteenth game in the Final Fantasy series, detailing the development history along with my personal thoughts on how it all came together.

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