Marvel Heroes 2015 Hero Box Giveaway

Marvel Heroes 2015 Hero Box Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a code for a random Hero Box for Marvel Heroes 2015.

6 причин поиграть в Marvel Heroes 2015

Супергерой на суперзлодея: 6 причин, по которым Marvel Heroes 2015 не стоит пропускать мимо.

Gry mmo- marvel heroes 2015 random hero box code

Gry mmo marvel heroes2015 random hero box code

Marvel Heroes 2015 Opening the Random Hero Box

Marvel Heroes 2015. Opening the Random Hero Box. Not sure why we received a free random hero box. Not complaining though. I suspect people were complaining about the free ultimate upgrade token they received instead of the free random hero that was displayed. Anyway, I opened mine and received a hero I don’t have on my roster. Sweet!