I am really at a loss ... how can it be that Farah is already TWO?!  I'm really not sure where the last year has gone, but can assure you that it has been so much fun watching our little girl grow.  She has the sweetest personality, I see so much of myself and Luke in her mannerisms (I think she got the best of both of us ... if I am allowed to be so biased)! When it came time to plan yet another birthday party, I found myself saying 'well, she only turns two once!' ... slippery slope, folks, slippery slope.  Because next year she'll only be 'three once', and the year after 'four once'.  Oh well, it is what it is ... this mama loves to plan a party :)  I knew early on that I wanted this party to be a 'Camp Out' theme, and had so much fun bringing Camp Farah to life for our friends and family.

The weather the morning of the party was dismal, but the rain stopped and clouds parted just in time to set up the A-frame tents Luke and I had made and fire up the bar-b-que for an afternoon camp out!  Another successful party is in the books, now I'm off to snuggle my 2 year old ... time is going too fast, and I am determined to enjoy each day we have with this little blessing.

xo, Jessie

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