I think I have been dreaming about this session since the moment I found out that Daniel and Jessica were expecting their first child, and the anticipation only grew as they neared their due date.  There was just one very small detail that needed to be ironed out before I could get this little gal in front of my camera ... you see, they live in southern California.  With an early May due date, I decided that a quick trip over the Memorial Day long weekend would work out perfectly.  However little Penelope had us biting our nails as her due date came and went ... I was starting to think that my quick newborn session trip was going to end up as a quick maternity session trip.  Alas, Penelope decided she was ready for the world and was born 9 days past her due date and just 3 days before my trip! .

When I walked into Daniel and Jessica's house and saw Penelope sleeping peacefully in her crib, I was overcome with gratitude.  For Daniel and Jessica who welcomed me into their lives the moment I met them many years ago (not to mention their home just 4 days after their daughter was born), for this 'job' that allows me to capture these important moments in life, for my husband who graciously encouraged me to make the trip south, and for friendships ... old and new.  I have mentioned before how lucky I got in the friend in-law department (you know, my husband's friends that through marriage I acquired) and this trip just made me even more grateful for these amazing people that my life has been blessed with.


Daniel and Jessica, thank you for a wonderful visit.  Luke and I are so happy to share the amazing ride that is parenting with you two.


xo, Jessie


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