Sweet Lucas, you are beyond adorable and photographing you was such a treat!  I feel like I have known this little guy since before he was born!  Well, technically maybe I have see, I ran into his mama at Target one afternoon and after we chatted for a bit we parted ways to go about our shopping.  As I was heading towards the checkout line, I definitely caught sight of her ... in the maternity/active wear section ... we met eyes, and in that instant I knew ... she wasn't picking up a pair of yoga pants (well maybe maternity yoga pants) and that a little baby was on the way!  Of course I had to wait for an actual announcement a month or so later, but alas my suspicions were confirmed and here we are with a little Lucas :) .

Six months is such a fun age, and getting to photograph this milestone is such a gift; especially for a special family like this one.  Our time together was full of sweet smiles and peek-a-boo games (and maybe just a few tears ... tummy time is for the birds people).  I was so glad to be able to capture Lucas and big sister Ashlynn's adorable bond, there is something so incredible about a sibling relationship ... and it's apparent that big sister is Lucas's favorite :)


Thank you Zach and Adele for sharing your darling family with me, I can't wait to see you all again :)


xo, Jessie

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