I think I have attempted to begin this post about 5 times ... type, read, erase, ponder my feelings, type, read, erase ... the thing is, there are no words that can properly describe how I feel about this session.  As a photographer, a sense of accomplishment - I shot my first birth, and it was nothing short of extraordinary.  As a friend of this sweet lady, a sense of pride - our 25 year friendship has been a constant blessing in my life.  As a mother myself, a sense of amazement - birth is miraculous, magical, and sort of messy ;).  These words aren't enough, but they are a start ... and this is an experience I will carry in my heart forever! Thank you Stacey and George for letting me be a part of this day.  Miss Hannah is such a blessing (as if I needed to tell you that), and I am forever grateful that you allowed me to tell part of her sweet birth story.  xo

Hello Hannah!