Year | yir | noun:  The period of 365 days, used for reckoning time in ordinary affairs .

Deacon is a year old today ... a YEAR people.  He is basically about to pack up and move away to college (cue the melodrama ... and the waterworks).


In all seriousness though, I'm not sure how we got here.  I can honestly say that I feel like he was born yesterday ... I was tracking my contractions on my nifty little app, alerting family and friends that 'it's go time!', and  getting my last minute Masters picks submitted for the office pool (no joke).  I think it was a mid-contraction frantic pick that cemented my place at the bottom of the leaderboard (no hard feelings though, I got the best prize that Masters weekend had to offer).  I have contemplated this blog post for awhile now, not really sure which direction to go ... so forgive me if I wander.


As we come to the end of Deacon's 1st chapter, part of me feels like we haven't been here before - like we are moving into uncharted territory.  But of course we have, with Farah just 2 and a half years ago (a mere 952 days, but who's counting).  The day that you look forward to with excitement and anticipation, but hope and pray will stay off in the distance for awhile because it is also bittersweet.  The day your baby turns one.


Time is such a puzzling thing.  How can it feel as though this tiny human was born yesterday, yet at the same time seem as though they have been a part of your life forever?  I keep going back to the definition of a year ... 'the period of 365 days, used for reckoning time in ordinary affairs' and can only come to one conclusion ... Google is obviously not a mother :)  A year is so much more than that!  It is 365 days of self discovery, 365 days of a 'new normal' that occasionally borders on pure insanity (that you wouldn't trade for anything), 365 days filled with laughter as well as tears, 365 days of experiencing the world through the eyes of a child, and 365 amazing days of unadulterated joy and unconditional love.  Days that will never repeat themselves, except in the spirit of memories; locked tight and held safe in your heart for a lifetime.


It is inexplicable how fast it goes, and with each passing day I feel like it goes a little faster.  However I take comfort in knowing that we have tomorrow.  Another day of discovery, another day of laughter (and most likely some tears), another day experiencing the world through the eyes of our children, and another amazing day of unadulterated joy and unconditional love.  As for yesterday?  Well, we have the memories - a blessing for which I am forever grateful!  I am so thankful for this little life of ours, for our beautiful and awe-inspiring children, and for a chance to share our joy with each and every person who is a part of our children's stories.  So thank you ... all of you.  You have watched our family grow, supporting and loving us along the way ... truly, thank you.


Happy, Happy 1st Birthday to our 'Mister Man', 'Buster Boy', 'Deaky Deaky Deaky'.  Our darling boy whose belly laugh is infectious, loves his sissy the most, is happiest with any sort of ball in his hand, runs and climbs stairs like he's been doing it for years (I have recently pulled 4 grey hairs out of my head, coincidence?  I don't think so ... ), and whose smile is almost too big for the 6-9 month clothes he currently wears :)


Thank you Deacon, for the last 365 days, thank you for the next 365, and the next, and the next 366 (I know there is a Leap Year in there somewhere), and thank you sweet boy, for a lifetime of memories!  We love you Deacon Butler!

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xo, Jessie


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