Our sweet Ferrigan Christine is ONE, how on Earth did that happen?!  I feel as though I had been planning for this day for so long, excited to see the ideas for a small garden party come to life; yet at the same time wishing that time would slow down, I wasn't quite ready for our little girl to be a year old! I wanted this party to be as much about our guests as it was about Farah, it was a very small gathering of our closest friends and family - all whom are such a big part of our Farah's life.  It was my hope that the afternoon would provide a chance for us to thank these important people for all they do for our little family.

We decided to host a dessert party in the late afternoon for our guests to come and enjoy 'sweets, treats, and refreshments', and I chose a pink (shocking) and white color pallette to carry out my vision of a 'shabby chic meets modern' backyard soiree ... I'm not kidding, sometimes I worry myself with my theme ideas!  I was so pleased with out it turned out, and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful celebration.

Photo Credit: My very talented best friend, Kamriell Welty whose photography work can be seen here.



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