With a little one under a year ... we tend to celebrate month birthdays, One Month ... Two Months ... 10 Months.  And it dawned on me as we neared Miss Farah's half birthday, we should be celebrating that too ... because life is worth celebrating, and 3 1/2 years old is a pretty big deal :) The half birthday celebration started while Little Brother was taking his afternoon nap, I told Farah that we could do anything that she wanted to celebrate!  Her list was short but detailed, and did not disappoint!  'First, let's read the letter book (The Jolly Postman) ... then I'd like to make you some soup!  Maybe I could jump on the bed?  And then take a picture with your big camera, I promise I'll be really REALLY careful!'

And that's what we did ... it was magical!

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(of course later she got to choose what was for dinner, definitely not our most nutritious meal of the week ... and I made cupcakes for dessert, just to make it half birthday official)