When we moved to our new house (cough, 15 months ago) I was SO excited to decorate Farah's room.  I had found the most amazing wallpaper at Anthropologie and HAD to have it, it was absolutely perfect for a little girl's room!  If you've read my post about Deacon's room here then you already know about my inability to stay motivated to finish a project in any respectable amount of time ... it's a problem.  However, in my own defense, I was 6 months pregnant when we moved, 8 months pregnant when we hung the wallpaper, and then was charged with keeping two small humans alive for the last year - I say that's an okay excuse for taking so long to finish this sweet little bedroom.  All excuses aside, I think now that it is finished it was 100% worth the wait :) .

Welcome to Farah's garden retreat ...

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I think that without a doubt, my favorite thing about Farah's room is how much she adores her little space.  It makes my mama heart happy knowing that we have created a room where she feels so 'at home', and a place that she is proud to call hers.  Just like with Deacon's room, many of the items have a bit of a history and have been in the family for many years.

jessie bennett photography

'The mirror', this is seriously what we call it in our family.  It's sort of like Cher or Madonna, no last name or additional description required ;).  All joking aside, I feel SO lucky to be boarding this piece temporarily.  It is one of those items that doesn't have a forever home, it seems to move from place to place for unspecified amounts of time ... just long enough for the current foster family to marvel at it's beauty and daydream about it's history.  It came from the ranch, however it's exact story is unknown.  It is very old, quite heavy, and amazingly beautiful; the cracking paint and weathered glass surface makes it all the more special.  I just adore this mirror, and couldn't imagine anything else complimenting the wallpaper and hanging above Farah's headboard!  Speaking of headboard ... I found this little gem on Craigslist for $15 (well, actually I got TWO matching headboards, the other is in our attic for now ... total score!) a quick gold paint job, and tada - a sweet little bed fit for a Farah :)  The chenille bedspread is a vintage item from, you guessed it ... the ranch!  I am now dreaming about an official 'ranch' blog post - I promise it will come as soon as we plan (and execute) our next family vacation!

jessie bennett photography

Just about the time that we were moving to our new home, I received a text from Luke's mom who was visiting her own mother for the day.  Included in the text was a picture of this beautiful dresser, and the simple message 'Gigi wants you to have this, if you'd like it?' ... UM, YES PLEASE!!  At that point, I had no idea what we were going to do with Farah's clothes once we moved the dresser/changing table into Deacon's room - and this was the perfect solution!  Originally it belonged to Luke's uncle, Michael who passed away several years ago.  Although I didn't have the chance to meet him, I know that I would have absolutely loved him (and his passion for antiquing).  The glassybabies ... oh, the glassybabies.  I am fairly certain that when envisioning my future children's rooms (before I had kids ... because that's normal, right?) that glassybaby was always in the mental picture.  I mean, if handblown glass votive holders don't scream 'baby room' I don't know what does?! Haha.  But seriously, they are amazing ... and as those who know me can attest, I love my glassybaby ... every.single.one (and yes, I refuse to count how many I have).  These babies are some of my favorites; the lightest pink is named 'Baby' and was given to me when I was pregnant with Farah, and the medium pink is 'First Kiss' which was given to me at a wedding shower ... the others are a few that I picked up at some 'seconds' sales I've attended over the years.  If you don't know the story behind these magical little vessels, you can read about them here ... but be careful, the addiction is real.  In fact, I was just texting with a cousin about a new glassybaby called 'Tulip'.  I'm going to need that one too,  it will actually go quite nicely in Farah's room! (Hint, hint, Mother's Day is approaching).


The collage wall has been the biggest work in progress, and I kept getting hung up on the fact that 'it wasn't complete'; but it dawned on me recently why I was feeling this way.  While enjoying a rainy morning at the local children's museum, Farah created a sweet little art piece.  She was SO proud of herself, and literally couldn't wait to get home to hang it on her wall.  That was it!  The items that were missing from Farah's wall were nothing that I could create in Photoshop, or buy at a design store ... it was HER art that was needed to finish the room!  I hit up our local office supply store and grabbed some cheapy clip boards, spray painted them and hung them up.  I envision artwork getting swapped out for newer pieces, especially as Farah is slated to start preschool in the fall (excuse me while I catch my breath), it will be a revolving masterpiece - I am really excited about it!


Of course, the room wouldn't have been complete without a reference to Farah's namesake, her Great Granddad Jim Ferrigan.  A little picture taken in the 20s of my grandfather Jim and his sister Norinne is hung on the wall of Farah's room, a very special momento that I know she will cherish forever.


Our sweeet Ferrigan Christine's room is a special place in our home, and I am excited to watch this little garden room change as our darling girl grows.



xo, Jessie


Bloggers Note: Another fun treat in Farah's room is a very large storage space that lies just behind a narrow door in the corner of the room. Just like with the rest of our house, I have BIG PLANS for this space ... stay tuned for future posts about a kiddo-retreat (play space, reading nook, etc.). I'm typing this out as a way to hold myself accountable ... however, if you are interested in remaining conscious, I would refrain from holding your breath :) It will get done ... in due time (let's just hope it's before we are empty-nesters).



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