You guys, Frozen Fever is REAL ... and it has hit the Bennett house HARD.  Nevermind the fact that in the days and weeks after Deacon was born, Farah seemed to become glued to the movie - and out of utter exhaustion, our 'limit screentime' mentality went by the way, way, wayside.  I'm not kidding you, we somehow lost the remote control to the DVD player, and the movie was stuck on 'repeat'.  At some point we had to just 'Let it Go' and the DVD mysteriously disappeared for a prolonged period of time :) As Farah's birthday approached I decided that as a big THREE year old (where is time going?!) I would let her pick a party theme.  Over dinner one night, I broached the subject of her upcoming birthday and asked if she had any ideas on what kind of party she wanted ... then the party planner and control freak in me held my breath.  After a couple seconds of watching the little wheels in her brain turning, her face lit up and out it came ...


Well, that settled that, and it was time for me to put my 'spin' on Frozen (less commercial 'character' stuff ... more creative adaptation of Frozen ideas).  Unfortunately for all involved, singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles fell RIGHT at what should have been nap time (Mom Fail), thus the not-so-happy Farah.  I am glad to report that she rallied after the meltdown and had a great time :)  After the last guest left, she gave me a huge hug and as she squeezed her little arms around my neck said 'That was my best birthday ever, Mommy!' ... melt my heart (pun intended) :)


xo, Jessie

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