Well, it's official ... the golfers err, guests  have gone, the living room has been converted back to a space for living as opposed to a Par 3 course, and we have a 1 year old!  As reality sets in, I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that our little man is ONE ... however I am giving myself a little more time to be nostalgic about it, maybe until the last of the party balloons lose their air ... someday I'll get a grip, maybe :) .

As the big day approached, I was met with a mix of emotions - the mama in me was struggling, and the party planner in me was thrilled.  Those who know me, know I love to plan a party, and may or may not spend months brainstorming party ideas for upcoming events (lol, I use the word 'events' loosely ... my event planning these days is limited to my kids' birthdays).  You can find blog posts of Farah's birthdays here, here, and here.  And I will neither confirm nor deny that ideas are already swirling in my brain for her next birthday ... but I digress.


Deacon's first birthday party theme was a foregone conclusion the day he was born.  Um, hello ... Luke is in the golf industry, Deacon was born on the 'Superbowl weekend' of golf, and his middle name (though not decided on until the day he was born) is a direct link to Augusta National Golf Course.  A Masters Par-Tee of course, for our little pro :)  I had so much fun planning this special day, and couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our little man.  We hosted a very small gathering for close friends and family to thank them for playing (pun intended) such a huge role in Deacon's first round I mean, year!


I hope you enjoy the par-tee ...


'Next up on the tee, with the 5:30 tee time -  Deacon Butler from Bellingham, Washington' (I think I hear a faint golf clap)

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Because the party was in the evening, we wanted to make sure there were plenty of activities for children of all ages (adults included of course), so we created a putt putt course out of an artificial grass carpet I picked up at Home Depot ... I definitely caught Luke 'testing the roll' a time or two, and won't be surprised if the holes make an appearance before his tournaments :)  I created little score cards for the indoor course and found plastic clubs at our local party store which doubled as party favors.

Post 2Post 4We also created a Caddy Shack where party-goers found golf themed cartoon illustrations to color.  Of course a birthday party isn't complete without some variation of pin the tail ... and Pin the Flag in Augusta was a definite hit ... maybe more so for the adults than the kids :)

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Dinner was served shortly after guests arrived and included BBQ Chicken 'Sand Wedges' (sandwiches), Fruit 'Slice' Salad, Fresh 'Greens', and 'Chip Shots' ... a SUPER easy menu that made it possible for Luke and I to really enjoy the party without having to worry about food prep.

Post 5And of course, no golf course is complete without a well-stocked bar.  Guests could belly up to the 19th Hole and enjoy a refreshing Arnold Palmer after their round on the Par 3 course.

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The cake was something I just threw together (lol, don't you hate it when people say that ... it's like the equivalent of complimenting someone's outfit and in return they say 'oh, this old thing?!')  I decided that I was going to brave making Deacon's 'smash cake' and found the perfect idea on Pinterest (of course) to try.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out ... aside from being gigantic, and turning my hands and Deacon's hands, face, shirt, shorts, and high chair semi-permanently green.  I also made cupcakes, but completely lost interest in the grass effect ... so guests enjoyed cupcakes (and as my 4 year old nephew said) 'with snakes on top ... but don't worry, they're not real snakes' :) I also would like to take a moment to clarify the statement 'I made' when referring to anything baked in my house ... it definitely comes out of a box, Duncan Hines to be exact ... and the frosting is ALWAYS Duncan Hines cream cheese.

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Deacon wasn't too sure about the whole singing bit, but he powered through without a tear and enjoyed his cake (or actually, he enjoyed the frosting ... it was layered so thick, I don't think he ever actually made it to the cake), of course it took less than a second for the ball to come off ... which he promptly threw (green icing and all) on the floor and clapped his hands proudly :)

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I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into Deacon's first birthday, I think it was a hit (lol, the puns just keep coming).

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I had so much fun planning this little par-tee and even more fun celebrating our sweet boy.

xo, Jessie

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