After hemming and hawing over whether or not I should risk waking a sleeping 9 month old, by undressing him, posing him, wrapping him, and photographing him ... I did it, and am so glad I did!  I think I speak for all newborn photographers when I say, this is a dream come true :) recreating a newborn image on a not-so-newborn baby was 100% worth the risk of waking him up! I have always been an advocate for mamas to sneak into the rooms of their sleeping kiddos to steal a few photos (newborn, baby, toddler, big kid ... age doesn't matter).  Because let's face it, no matter how old your baby is ... while they are sleeping, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the face you first laid eyes on in their infancy, the one that stole your heart and filled it to the brim with more love than you thought was humanly possible!  So work up some courage ... test the waters (I would be lying if I said I had a 100% no-wake success rate) ... and get those pictures!  It doesn't matter if you use a smart phone or a camera, the important thing is to capture those moments and save them for a lifetime!

And in case you're interested in other sleeping kiddo pictures, generally I take them with my iPhone and post them here to Instagram.  Feel free to follow me there too :)